Working Repertory of Local Ecclesiastical Legislation, 1200-1500

In 2011, Rowan Dorin began compiling a repertory of local ecclesiastical legislation that survives (in whole or in part) from Latin Christendom between ca. 1200-ca. 1500. The repertory lists the date, place, and classification (diocesan statutes,provincial canons, etc.) for each known text. Most entries also include the issuing authority and the language. References are given to the most recent (or otherwise standard) editions of each text; fuller information can be found by consulting the individual editions or local repertories (e.g. Pontal-Artonne for France). For those texts that exist only in manuscript, only the principal witnesses are listed.

The repertory includes mainly synodal/diocesan statutes and provincial canons, but other scattered genres appear on occasion. As of the most recent update (23 July 2018), the repertory contains 2098 entries. It continues to be updated regularly based on further findings, so corrections and/or additions are actively welcomed. The repertory is for public use, but users are kindly requested to acknowledge it in any research that draws on it.

The working repertory is downloadable here.

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