CoSyn awarded grant from Denning Digital Humanities Initiative

We’re delighted to announce that CoSyn has been awarded a 2018-19 grant from the Roberta Bowman Denning Initiative in the Digital Humanities.  These grants support “projects that focus attention on Humanities and Technology, demonstrating the benefits of cross-disciplinary approaches in research and teaching.” This grant will support the creation of the online database, the development of a mapping tool, and a significant expansion of the underlying text corpus.

We are very grateful to the Denning Fund Committee for its support!


CoSyn receives Workshop Grant from France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Research

We are very grateful to the France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Research for awarding us a 2018-19 workshop grant. The grant will support both the April 2019 project workshop at Stanford and the June 2019 concluding conference in Metz, allowing us to expand the number of trans-Atlantic participants. For more information on the Center and its mission, see here.

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